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$444 US

$1199 EC

To provoke or challenge. Well we brought the Challenge! And there are no ladies more provocative than Amnesia Ladies.

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$444 us

$1199 EC

A section for daring and the dauntless. A person who defies convention strikes their own path, creates new ideas and opens new doors. Be brazen. Be innovative. DEFY THE ODDS.

$481 US

$1299 EC

The shine and shimmer, the rich textures and tones. Coupled with attitude and elegance. An air of opulence balanced by a sense of mystery.

Gold VIP club label

$630 us

$1699 EC

A willingness to take risks. And as the saying goes no risk, no reward.

Be bold, be daring, be fearless.....be you!

Get Pampered on the road!

Your VIP Experience will include:

Private bar with Premium cocktails and unlimited drinks on the road.

Exclusive food.

Dessert: Local sweet treats

Early costume pick-up

Personal servers

Seating for lunch

Snacks on the road

Personal glitter chalice

Professional Pictures

Tight security

Swag bag

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